The primary signs that women use to identify men as perfect lovers!

If a girl picks you up in a sewing course while exchanging patterns, then she is, to some degree, excited about how skillful and dexterous you are in bed. And it is obvious that she could identify some indirect signs, indicative of your outstanding erotic potential. What features in the behavior of men do women pay most attention to and perceive as evidence of special sex-skills?

Gourmet attitude to food

This point, as it turns out, is relevant for both sexes. But the verdict is unequivocal for men: the gourmet chef in the kitchen is a gourmet lover in bed. In this context, women payPrimary signs that women use to identify men as perfect lovers! attention to how a man cooks and eats: does he eat slowly and with pleasure or does he crack down on his steak with such speed as if participating in a competition of gluttons? Does he prefer to go to the same places or he is willing to take a chance and look for some new restaurants? Or does he at least go to your favorite place and order something new off the menu from time to time.


Not in the sense of shyness, but rather, in the lack of inclination to flaunt himself in excess. Men are trembling unceasingly because of their self-doubt. And self-doubt in one way or another is based on the extent to which a person feels free in sex. And yet, as it turns out, for many women, a perceived selfish attitude from men and an overestimating of self-esteem is a true symptom of egocentrism, which, in turn, does not rhyme well with the concept of a good lover. “Good lover” in this case is a man inclined to think not only about his own orgasms.


A modest but devilishly ambitious guy is, of course, as rarely seen as a figure on the Forbes list who has never transgressed the law, or the soloist of a popular band, who has sex only with his wife. But guys should pay attention to the fact that for unconfident men and mama’s boys, who until the age of 40 live with their parents, women refuse not only sex but often refuse the assumption that these “men” are excellent lovers. It is possible that it is a misconception, but this is the collective verdict of women. If a guy cannot find his place in life (or there are not even any hints that he is going to do this), he is surely deemed untenable in bed.

Generosity and magnanimity

The attempts of women to connect the amount of the tip that you give to your serverPrimary signs that women use to identify men as perfect lovers! in a cafe, with your sexual potential, at first seems to be another elegant way to justify the female mercantile spirit, but there is definitely some truth to this. The breadth of the soul and one’s gestures are expressed not only in numbers and figures but also in how much a man is capable of selfless impulses and gestures.

Adopting a dog from a shelter. Transfering an elderly man or woman across the road. Give a woman excellent cunnilingus and generously refuse a return blowjob, so that the partner could calmly lie down and enjoy the sensations. All these facts, as many ladies consider, are links of one chain. And we all tend to agree with them.

Your relationship with your car

Primary signs that women use to identify men as perfect lovers!At three years old as well as at 33 years old, cars remain a favorite toy of the majority of guys. And, as it turned out, for many girls, your relationship with your car is a kind of litmus test to what kind of relationship is awaiting you both.

Ladies always look at how a guy drives a car. If he is a bad driver, then he is probably a bad lover. If he can not cope with the machine, he will not cope with a woman who has more control levers than the car. And the deal is not in the brand of the car, but rather in the technique of driving. Everything is important and judged by women during this activity: landing at the wheel, the behavior on the road, and the ability to control the car. If he leans back behind the wheel, lowering his back almost like a lounger, and holds a rudder with one hand, he will likely be refused by most women as a viable sexual partner. Women like when everything is under control, when they go with him and understand that they can fall asleep in the passenger seat because they trust him.