1. What is Viagra?
This is the best drug, used in the area of erectile dysfunction medication. The main active component is Sildenafil. It stimulates blood circulation to the penis and as a result, erection appears. This famous “blue pill” stimulates erection in patients, suffering from erectile dysfunction.

2. How long does it work?
Viagra acts for 4-6 hours. This time fully depends on individual characteristics of each organism. If to believe scientific investigations, the highest concentration in plasma reaches in 2 hours after the drug intake. In fact, Viagra doesn’t work more than 4-6 hours. In case, you feel the effect during a longer time period, you should consult a doctor.

3. How to take this medicine?
According to the instruction, a patient should take Viagra in 30-50 minutes before a sexual intercourse. Only one pill per day is allowed. You should take a famous blue pill on an empty stomach. Besides, you should avoid too fat food. Otherwise, you will be made to wait for the effect longer.

4. Can I take Viagra and alcohol?
No, it is strictly prohibited. It is not allowed to combine a famous blue pill with alcoholic beverages. First, the effect will be not so strong. Besides, you may experience side effects. If you prefer Viagra or your doctor prescribes this pill to you, you should strictly follow his recommendations and avoid alcoholic beverages.

5. How to choose the dose?
You may hear the answer to this question only from your doctor. Your healthcare provider will examine you, make some tests and prescribe the right medication. The average dose is 50 mg. If you see that this dose is not effective for you, you may ask a doctor to increase it to 100 mg.

6. Does this pill suit all patients?
Unfortunately, no, it doesn’t. You should discuss this issue with a doctor. In case, you suffer from kidney or liver diseases, Viagra is not allowed. Besides, if you have problems with the heart and take nitrates, Viagra is strictly prohibited. That is why you should take this issue into consideration (if you are the one who prefers self-medication).

7. Is this pill safe?
Yes, this drug is absolutely safe. It was tested by millions of men who can prove that Viagra really acts and helped many men bring back a normal sexual life.

8. Can I combine Viagra with other ED pills?
No, you cannot. If a doctor recommends you taking Viagra, you should follow his advice. Don’t take Viagra with other ED pills the same day. It is dangerous for your health.

9. Who cannot take Viagra?
In the majority of instances, Viagra can be taken by many men. But men under 18, women and men, taking nitrates cannot take Viagra. In this case, it is better to consult a doctor in order to find out how to cure erectile dysfunction in your case.

10. Is there a possibility to get a spontaneous erection, taking Viagra?
No, the main thing about this pill, each patient should remember, is that it doesn’t work on its own. If the patient is sexually aroused, Viagra will act. If you have no stimulation, the erection will not appear. So, your partner should arouse you.