Erectile Dysfunction Prevention and Treatment – What is Your Choice!

The Risk of ED is Higher than You Think

When men are young, most of them believe that such a shameful disorder as loss of sexual power willErectile Dysfunction Prevention or Treatment – What is Your Choice! never touch them. And when one day it happens, they turn out to be absolutely not prepared for it. Frustration, disappointment, and desperation are typical emotions experienced by a man who realized that he can’t perform well enough in bed anymore. The unhealthy lifestyles of modern people and the worsening ecologic situation result in the increased risk of ED even in relatively young men. What is more, it often happens that men are ashamed to go to a doctor or hope that the disorder is temporary and will go away in time. But of course, this doesn’t normally happen while the man postpones a visit to his doctor, and instead, a man makes things even worse. Taking into consideration the fact that erectile dysfunction today is treatable in 90 percent of cases, this postponement seems very strange.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

If the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is confirmed, your doctor will prescribe you a course of treatment. In the majority of cases, this course will include treatment using oral drugs, belonging to a group of PDE-5 inhibitors. These are the famous Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. They have proved themselves to be effective irrespective of ED etiology, well-tolerated, safe, and reliable.

Erectile Dysfunction Prevention or Treatment – What is Your Choice!

However, they have some disadvantages too:

  • they don’t cure the disease completely, but only remove the symptoms;
  • they need to be taken before each sexual encounter;
  • they can be taken only once a day;
  • they are quite expensive;
  • they are not covered by any insurance programs.Erectile Dysfunction Prevention or Treatment – What is Your Choice!

Apart from oral drugs, you can be prescribed some additional procedures, depending on your overall state of health and reasons that ED and other disorders are present in your body. For example, sometimes, acupuncture turns out to be quite effective. In some cases (though very rarely) you can be prescribed injections or vacuum therapy. All these methods are sort of old-fashioned methods and they can cause much discomfort for you.


As you see, there are still no perfect methods to treat erectile dysfunction. These methods for healing completely just don’t exist. All of them are either expensive, or inefficient, or painful, or complicated. The only way to avoid all this commotion is the prevention of the disease. Timely and correct preventive measures are more effective than the most expensive drugs. However, keep in mind that you need to care for your sexual health on a regular basis from a young age. If it is too late, you will have a harder time getting your normal sex life back.

Preventive measures typically include the following aspects:

  • Control your body weight. Increase the amount of healthy food that you consume – wholegrain bread instead of white bread made or refined flour, honey instead of sugar, water and green tea instead of cola and beer, baked and stewed food instead of roasted and fried products and so on. These changes are not always easy, but the result is worth it.
  • Don’t forget about physical activity. Physical activity is a crucial component of a healthy way of life. Lack of movement really kills your body in the long-term. So try to move as much as possible – walk, run, jump, play, swim, and so on.
  • Quit smoking and drinking. It’s probably needless to remind you that all bad habits are harmful to your sexual health, but these habits significantly increase your risk of a long list of diseases. Try to quit as soon as possible.
  • Have sex regularly. Like any other system in our body, the sexual system needs regular use in order to maintain its normal functioning. With aging, regular sex becomes even more important.
  • Make love, not sex. Making love contributes to the emotional aspect of your sex life rather than the physiological part, but it still matters. It has been proven that uncontrolled sexual behavior increases the risk of ED, while happily married men who maintain loving relationships, on the contrary, rarely complain about problems in this area.

The Bottom Line

If you think that it can’t happen with you, chances are that you are mistaken. According to the official statistics, over 50 percent of men face the problem of ED eventually. Unofficial statistics are even more disappointing. It’s for you to decide whether you want to treat or prevent it. If you choose the second variant, try doing it right now. It’s never too early to revise your lifestyle and replace your bad habits with healthy patterns and behaviors.